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Hello, citizens of the world!

What is Pratyutpanna? Who are we? What do we do? Great questions and ones that we’d be glad to answer… 😉

Pratyutpanna is a school business inspired by the “School Enterprise Challenge” — Taken up by Primrose Schools, Chennai.
The School Enterprise Challenge is an international awards program that had made it its goal to get as many schools interested in working for the better good of the world. It primarily focuses on the development of confidence, entrepreneurship skills and gets the youth excited about starting their own business. Participation in this challenge not only allows children to be exposed to the workings of industry but they also acquire skills that are essential in their future careers.
We’ve decided to make the best use of items that people unconsciously term as “waste” but are in reality recyclable items that if put to good use, can reduce environmental pollution in all forms by more than 95%. By selling these items, we hope to get a considerable amount of profit. We plan to use this money to contribute to schools’ education.

We’d like to think of this as a step taken towards seeing a better future— for both us and the future generations.

After all of this, you might still be left wondering what Pratyutpanna actually is ….. Seems confusing, right? Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s just a Sanskrit term for Recycling or Regeneration. We, the members of the company Pratyutpanna, take used recyclable items and transform them into attractive gifts and decorative articles like bracelets, flower vases, key chains, photo frames, cloth bags and more!
Please stay updated as we post New Product Announcements, New Photos, and More!