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Franchise Business Opportunities



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    Renowned for its inventive approach to nurturing and strengthening young minds, PRIMBUDS is a well-known brand. It’s an acclaimed pre-school in India that has carved out a special place for itself. Thanks to its highly skilled personnel, sophisticated curricula, and first-rate facilities.

    Our distinctive pedagogy blends play-way strategies with contemporary learning methodologies to provide a comprehensive, profitable, and joyful learning environment. PRIMBUDS takes pride in equipping each student with the principles of kindness, respect, and integrity so they can succeed in life at every stage. Enroll now, and let your children explore the world of education with us.

    Why choose PRIMBUDS Franchise?

    Minimal outlay, Maximum profits

    • The authorization to use the recognizable Primrose Schools pre-school brand name, "PRIMBUDS."
    • Supported by our more than 16 years of educational experience.
    • Carefully considered academic content and support for the curriculum.
    • Ongoing business expertise training and upgrading for business partners.
    • Finally, but just as importantly, our complete dedication to you and your children.



    Start up Support

    • Support in setting up the preschool.

    Marketing & Administration

    • Assistance with pre-school marketing and promotion.
    • A team of knowledgeable individuals to mentor you in the areas of marketing and academia.

    Infrastructure & Design

    • Offer guidance to franchisees during the initial setup phase, including site selection, lease negotiation, and obtaining necessary permits and licenses.
    • Provide standardized architectural plans and design guidelines to ensure consistency across franchise locations, while allowing for customization to fit local requirements.
    • Establish partnerships with preferred vendors for construction, furniture, technology, and other infrastructure needs.
    • Assist in sourcing and purchasing equipment and furnishings for classrooms, offices, libraries, and other areas.

    Human Resource Recruitment & Training

    • Help choosing and preparing teachers—this guidance is given via a mix of in-person and remote training sessions (at the Head office and at your location).
    • The workforce and team of the franchisee will receive regular training.

    Furniture & Equipments

    • All pre-school course materials, including a comprehensive schedule, support materials, and worksheets for the full academic year, will be sent with the necessary adjustments as needed.
    • We firmly feel that the expansion of our preschool franchisee centers contributes to our own growth.

    Curriculum & Design

    • Full exposure to our curriculum and pre-school training approach.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The sum varies and is determined by the size of the city and center in which you are currently located.

    We give the PRIMBUDS ambience manual to each franchisee, outlining the center’s aesthetics and showcasing the uniform and standardized design that is required for every PRIMBUDS Pre-School. Your Pre-School’s interior design must adhere to the specifications listed in the Ambience Manual. At the time of starting the Pre-School, we also give you curriculum, welcome, readiness & theme kits, books, and many other necessities. We also provide daily teaching plans for programs.

    We recognize that you are unfamiliar with the pre-school industry. With the aid of official induction and training, we assist you in comprehending the more intricate details and difficulties associated with running a Pre-School franchise. A “standard operating procedures” manual that outlines the operational aspects of our daily operations—such as handling inquiries, managing fees, academic processes, safety guidelines, accounting procedures, transportation activities, purchase requirements, staff training, and others—has simplified our day-to-day operations. Furthermore, you can contact our operations support team at any time for assistance with any pre-school operational needs.

    Our committed staff will provide you insightful advice based on their years of experience in the field and will be the perfect helping hand and mentor you need at this point.

    It could take up to 3-4 months from the time of the initial meeting, site selection, agreement and documentation signing, and Pre-School infrastructure setup for your business to become operational.

    The number of students enrolled in your centers determines the number of staff members and Pre-School personnel. You must keep the adult to child ratio at 1:6. Therefore, if your preschool has forty-two students, you will need four teachers, two maids, one center head, and one security person.

    There are obligations associated with owning a preschool franchise in India, and you should be aware that these obligations increase with each stage of the business. You are prepared to proceed once you have the necessary license, certificate, or documentation, which you must develop and maintain on file for future use. Other requirements include infrastructure, approval from an education board, and both academic and non-academic curricula.

    You will undoubtedly receive assistance at every turn in the PRIMBUDS franchise business model, leading to success. From offering superior furniture and equipment design to teacher training and skill enhancement. We provide a thoroughly thought-out curriculum, marketing and operational support, and our comprehensive support.

    An academic team with vast experience managing preschools and a planned curriculum will oversee the school. But you have to be dedicated to the field of education and have a strong belief in the value of high-quality education. Investing in a preschool franchise opportunity may be a wonderful fit if you want to get into business while simultaneously improving the lives of children, as working with children requires a great degree of patience and soft skills.

    The minimum space needed for a PRIMBUDS childcare franchise is 1000-1500 square feet or more.

    The most alluring thing about a preschool franchise opportunity is that the business strategy is frequently already tested and successful. This implies that compared to starting an independent business from scratch, you will have less unknowns and dangers. Purchasing a preschool franchise also gives you access to professional counsel and the chance to use strong branding to set your company out from the competition.

    All over the country.