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Our Curriculum is based on ICSE Regulations

  • Syllabus – The school follow the ICSE Curriculum for STD I to X. ISC Curriculum for STD XI & XII.
  • Kindergarten – Primrose Schools follows the best teaching methodologies for its lower classes, like the Montessori method and Dr. Glenn Doman’s method.
  • Classes I to IV – The school follows a comprehensive program using experimental and research-based methods to ensure a sound understanding of concepts. It meets the requirements of the ICSE Board.
  • Classes V to X – The school follows Active teaching platform. The books are based on the latest syllabus recommended by ICSE board. Each topic is covered exhaustively using a narrative and critical approach that makes learning an easy and enjoyable experience.
  • Classes XI – XII – The school follows the ISC Curriculum. The books are based on the latest syllabus recommended by ISC Board. Each topic is covered to enable the children to bridge the gap to the next stage of education and world of work.

Groups Offered :

  • CORE 1 TO 3: Choose one subject from each core [Mandatory]
  • ELECTIVE 1: Choose one subject from elective 1 [Mandatory]
  • ELECTIVE 2: Choose one subject from elective 2 [Optional at extra cost]
  • CORE 1:   Maths/Commerce/Legal Studies.
  • CORE 2: Physics/Accounts/ History
  • CORE 3Chemistry/Economics/Business Studies/ EVS
  • ELECTIVE 1Biology/Computer Science/Physical Education/Fashion Designing
  • ELECTIVE 2 [OPTIONAL AT EXTRA COST]:  Home Science/ Art/Mass Media Communication/Psychology