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Values are a path to perfection. Placing any ideal of perfection above our own personal convenience and interests expands our personality and opens it to wider and higher influences. Values channel our energies to express at the highest possible level. In short, Values shape our Lives – Every child’s, parent’s and teacher’s life

The school should be an opportunity for progress for the teacher as well as for the student. Each one should have the freedom to develop. Primrose shall strive to provide that opportunity. This shall define Primrose Values. In that interest, our Key Values shall be these :

Physical ValuesInterpersonal ValuesPsychological Values
Content over formCooperationDecisiveness
Hard workHonestyGoodness
Max utilizationLoyaltyGratitude
OrderlinessRespect for othersIntegrity
PunctualityService to othersLove
Quality of workTeamworkOpenness
Safety TrustPersonalGrowth

Primrose sincerely requests the management, teachers, staff, parents and children to try best in following and living up to these values, every day, every moment. Out of these, a selected few shall frame the Value Education Syllabus for our children. We shall take full efforts in helping the children understand the importance and reap the fruits of true Value Education.

Our children will be made to understand and helped to follow in total sincerity the 10 Values in the first picture. These values tap the deepest source of energy in our personality and channel it into action. Therefore, adherence to high values calls forth the greatest intensity of action and makes possible the highest levels of human accomplishment – materially, socially, psychologically and spiritually – The greatest gift we can give to our children.