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Primrose Schools in Chennai

True education must reveal what is already present in the developing beings and make it blossom, children blossom in joy and freedom. The Vision of Primrose Schools is commitment to the holistic development of the child Primrose vision. The uniqueness in teaching. The standard of coaching given and syllabus followed all are unique and it is the best schools in Chennai.

Unique Approaches

True education must reveal what is already present in the developing beings and make it blossom. Just as flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in joy and freedom. It goes without saying that joy does not mean weakness, disorder or confusion, but a luminous kindliness which encourages the good and does not severely insist on the bad. In this essence, the Vision of Primrose Schools is commitment to the holistic development of the child, through quality education, uniqueness in teaching, bringing the inherent talents and unfolding the creative thinking, also accomplishing the experience of learning with joy like Technology cohesiveness, Knowledge mining, Social response, Emotional balance & Cultural etiquette to the child.


  • The School follows the Unique methodology adopted from Glenn Doman and Maria Montessori.

Computer Education

  • Computer Education has been restructured so that the curriculum is dynamic and adapted appropriately to the introduction of new tools, while simultaneously keeping a focus on conceptual learning which aids in improving step-wise thinking and logical reasoning which are not subject specific.

Smart Classes

  • The technology enabled programme ensures effective and enriching learning experiences. Difficulty and abstract concepts too become clear to the students when viewed on the interactive digital board provided in all class rooms. In essence, each class room is an audio visual room.


  • The essential area covers community service and campus cleanliness. These activities cater to the creativity of the students and to enable them to appreciate the dignity of labour.

School Project

  • Project work is an integral part of the school curriculum. The educational project, which is thematic, is a unique feature of the school and promotes comprehensive learning.

German / French Optional Language

  • We have come up with German classes for Middle School to develop more comprehensive understanding of Germany today. The students are exposed to the German culture, life style and language.

Math Foundation Lab

  • ‘Learning by Doing’ forms the basis for all activities in the lab. Teaching aids and technology assisted learning helps the students understand difficult concepts with ease.

Science Lab

  • An extensive Science Lab to facilitate learning by experimentation is offered from class III onwards.


  • Provides opportunities to Act out a Great Variety of Situations. Primarily Focuses on Developing Clear and Fluent Speech, Social Skills, Communication Skills and Confidence. Reinforces and emphasizes concepts including Phonetics, Vocabulary and advancing to Impromptu conversations, Public Speaking, Conversations, Making Friends, Accepting New Challenges, Exploring New Directions, Innovative Ideas, Revisiting Basic Theater Techniques and moving onto Intermediate Theater Techniques, etc. and above all urges and motivates each child to be a part of the class activities without any ‘fear of failure’.

Field Trips

  • Field trips are conducted as an extensive learning experience based on the curriculum. It effectively supplements class room learning.
  • Learning in informal environments at a very early age helps kids to have positive feeling towards the topic.
  • Field Trips give children an enjoyable break from their routine learning environment.
  • It also helps the children bond well with their peers and teachers. Field trips are not only fun but they can also be valuable for young children. Keeping that in mind we organize a vivid range of field trips for our children.

General Assembly

  • The General Assembly is a weekly feature offering varied activities. It serves as a stage for students to showcase their talents and to promote those aspiring to compete at higher levels.

Fine Arts

  • The School provides ample opportunities to promote the learning and appreciation of art/music. Children are offered the choice of any fine art including Vocal Music, Bharatnatyam, Drawing and Painting to tap their potential and hone their skills and talents.


  • These sessions help to promote physical fitness and develop composure and concentration

Music & Dance

  • Musical training in singing, instrumentation, composition, critical analysis of musical input, musical appreciation, multi-genre exposure, listening and learning, performance orientation, expression and creativity exercises through music.

International Association

  • ISA : ISA has adopted key policies to ensure that students
  • Get an insight about internationalism and understand its importance.
  • Become active members of the global community and learn without barriers.
  • Make children understand the difference in various cultures, enjoy their uniqueness and respect their values by interacting with students from other countries.
  • Unfold inherent talents and creative thinking by learning and sharing from schools around the world.
  • Involve them to discuss global issues and provide futuristic solutions.